How To Use A Breyerfest Special Run Ticket – How the Breyerfest Special Run Line Works

Here’s a question asked A LOT by first time Breyerfest goers. How do I use my Breyerfest Special Run Ticket? How does the Breyerfest Special Run Line Work? Hopefully this will help clear things up and give you an idea of what goes on when your time slot comes up, when numbers are called and how and where to line up… Also, what you should do right after you check out.


Purchase tickets to Breyerfest here! (Remember, the 3 Day Ticket is the only official method to receive a special run ticket. Single day tickets only receive a free stablemate but NOT a special run ticket).

Here is the official Breyerfest Q&A on the Special Run Line tickets I mention in the video. They will mention what to do if you are late or miss your time slot as well:


How to Make A Pastel Storage Case – DIY Pastel Holder Box Tutorial

It’s been a while since I’ve made a new video. I’ve just been way too crazy with Breyerfest prep to even think about editing or filming. However, I made this quick one yesterday because I really needed to get these new pastels (seen in a previous Blick unboxing video) out of my way. I was constantly stepping over them, moving them aside and even forgetting I had the colors because they were stored away in their little boxes. So, I FINALLy was able to get them all cradled and nestled in my handmade pastel box with the others.

A cheaper alternative to those expensive boxes! What’s great is that I can brush these right form the stick or take them out to grind or use. Plus each is labeled with the brand and color so if I ever need to replace one, it’s easy peasy!  Albeit, mine isn’t all that pretty since I’m just worried about function/storage rather than looking fancy. You can make yours much neater if you like. Either way, it works, it’s inexpensive and holds quite a bit of soft pastel sticks!


SOLD: “Grand Lux” – Sarah Mink Reflective Medallion

“Grand Lux” Sarah Mink Reflective Medallion
So I was doing some thinking and I’ve decided to let this piece go before Breyerfest as well. The more I can cover expenses before hand and the lesser the amount of larger items I need to take with me, the easier it will be. Just use the proper button below to purchase.


Also, just a reminder, Andre is still available as well. He can be shipped but I’m also offering a discount if picked up at Breyerfest.  Please visit this link for full details on purchasing:



How To Make A One Part Silicone Mold For A Bas Relief Medallion Sculpture & Cast It!

As highly requested and as promised, here is the video of how I made the silicone mold for my “Straggler” angry mustang medallion. There were a few hiccups along the way but everything ended up working out perfectly! It may be time consuming but it really isn’t all that difficult to do if you follow instructions as best you can. I’m still a wreck and mess when I do this until I see it’s been fully cured but I have yet to (knock on wood) not have the silicone not cure on me. It usually works out fine in the end. The most tedious part is the planning and mold prep and calculations. But any math is made super easy with the smooth-on calculators on their website. I hope this helps answer all your questions about how to make a one part mold. (Links to products used below).


If you’d like to purchase a copy of this medallion and paint your own, visit:

Smooth-on Starter Kit: 
From Amazon (Smooth-on):
From Blick:

Mold Max 30 (The silicone I got to replace the bad one in the kit):


One I’m using here:
An even cheaper one that should work too:





The Making of Lovebug: How to Make a Custom Florentine Decorator Breyer Stablemate – Epic FAIL & Save

So, once again, that didn’t go as planned. Join me for another EPIC fail and save video of creating “Lovebug”. I’m going to have to try again some other time to actually get the Florentine look…BUT…I have to say that I  did end up with a very cute outcome that’s worth a share! Hopefully you can earn from my mistakes, fails and saves like I do!