Special Easter Flash Sale on Andre!


I’ve decided to do a crazy Spring Flash Sale on my Andre resin! This big hunk is still looking for a home. To help that along, I’m slashing his price to just $500 with a cash pickup at Breyerfest or $600 PPD within the US!!  This will pretty much break me even on the cost I put into this boy so I really cannot go lower than this without losing money.
This sale is only good through this Easter Weekend, so don’t delay!
(I’ll add on Monday as well just in case you guys are out of town celebrating over the weekend ;)).

His full album can be viewed here if you’d like some more eye candy:

Purchase using the proper button below.

Breyerfest CASH Pickup $500

50% down (NON-REFUNDABLE), remainder due in cash at Pickup. (See below for more details).

PPD Within The USA $600

USA shipping only. Time Payments not available for this sale.

  • Sorry but no time payments for this sale.
  • US shipping addresses only but anyone, anywhere can do the Breyerfest pickup option so long as you or someone you know can pick it up at Breyerfest for you.
  • Breyerfest pickup option is 50% down (NON-REFUNDABLE) and remaining balance paid in cash at Breyerfest. (I will have a booth in the arena so it will be easy to find me!)
  • Anyone can do the pickup for you but you MUST disclose this to me along with who is doing the pickup before hand.
  • At the time of pickup, the person picking up MUST provide a print-out of the pick-up form (that will be emailed to you), and sign a pick-up sheet.
  • Simple face marking can be added free of charge! Simple leg markings are $5 per leg.


How To Make A One Part Silicone Mold For A Bas Relief Medallion Sculpture & Cast It!

As highly requested and as promised, here is the video of how I made the silicone mold for my “Straggler” angry mustang medallion. There were a few hiccups along the way but everything ended up working out perfectly! It may be time consuming but it really isn’t all that difficult to do if you follow instructions as best you can. I’m still a wreck and mess when I do this until I see it’s been fully cured but I have yet to (knock on wood) not have the silicone not cure on me. It usually works out fine in the end. The most tedious part is the planning and mold prep and calculations. But any math is made super easy with the smooth-on calculators on their website. I hope this helps answer all your questions about how to make a one part mold. (Links to products used below).

Enjoy! https://youtu.be/TA9QuU15_gE

If you’d like to purchase a copy of this medallion and paint your own, visit:

Smooth-on Starter Kit: 
From Amazon (Smooth-on): http://amzn.to/2FFCPsw
From Blick: http://www.anrdoezrs.net/links/8626101/type/dlg/https://www.dickblick.com/items/34106-1009/

Mold Max 30 (The silicone I got to replace the bad one in the kit): 


One I’m using here:  http://amzn.to/2GAgCJL
An even cheaper one that should work too: http://amzn.to/2pigFCx





The Making of Lovebug: How to Make a Custom Florentine Decorator Breyer Stablemate – Epic FAIL & Save

So, once again, that didn’t go as planned. Join me for another EPIC fail and save video of creating “Lovebug”. I’m going to have to try again some other time to actually get the Florentine look…BUT…I have to say that I  did end up with a very cute outcome that’s worth a share! Hopefully you can earn from my mistakes, fails and saves like I do!

Enjoy! https://youtu.be/Va-in24nCaw

FOR SALE: Andre Resin “Bada-Boom” aka (Borse) my NaMoPaiMo Project.

Meet “Bada-Boom” (aka Borse)!

Hubby would not leave me alone until I named him “Borse”, as in, “Big Horse.” So you have him to thank for that nickname. Lol!  (Of course you are welcome to change his name to whatever you like when he’s yours ;))

Anyway, fresh out of the studio, this was my NaMoPaiMo project! (For those who don’t know, National Model Painting Month is a challenge where the goal is to paint a model horse, start to finish, in the month of February. For more info, check out the Braymere Blog!).

Bada-Boom’s full album can be viewed here:

I am still in shock that I finished this big boy in a little less than a month and that he came out as snazzy as he did! Of course if I had more time I could have done an even better job so I did take this into account when figuring out his pricing which is why this is much lower than the norm for this scale from me. 😉

I do NOT work in this scale often, let alone this BIG in this scale so it’s a really great opportunity to snag some of my work at this size at a great price.

Price is $800 plus shipping (Discount with Breyerfest Pickup & Time Payments Available. See below for details). 

Normally I include shipping in my prices but in this case, it will need to be calculated outside of that as it is going to be quite pricey and vary drastically by location because he is so big and I don’t skimp on packaging or protective services. So please keep in mind before inquiring that the shipping estimates I calculated is most likely going to cost anywhere from $75-$100 shipping within the US and $100+ overseas. Could be less, could be more. So once I have your zip code (or address if you’re international), I can calculate the total price for you and send an invoice.

Below are the three ways to purchase.

To order now with shipping:
Simply use this button to send your inquiry, email criley@artbycriley.com. You MUST include all of the following info to reserve your place in line:

1) USA Zip Code and/or shipping address:
Or if International, Full Shipping address:

2) Paypal email or email where you would like your invoice sent:

3) Is there a maximum shipping cost you are NOT willing to go over? If so, what is that number? :
(Reason being, if my shipping calculations come out to over this number, it will allow me to move on to the next buyer immediately instead of waiting on a decline).

*Once you have your invoice, you will have 24 hours to pay before I move on to the next buyer. If you decide to decline, please let me know as soon as you do so I can move on to the next buyer.


To order with Breyerfest PICKUP:
I am willing to discount $50 if you would like to pick him up at Breyerfest and save me the trouble of having to pack this big boy up for shipment! Payment in full must be received before he is reserved for you. 50% of this payment is completely non-refundable for any reason. No exceptions.

Use this button below ONLY if you are PICKING UP at BREYERFEST 2018.

*Once your payment is received, I will contact you to work out the pickup details. Or you can contact me too, whoever gets to it first 😉


To order with Time Payments:

Preference is given to paid in full. Time payments will be available starting 24 hours after the release of this post. You may send your inquires now to reserve your spot in line but it will not be accepted until 24 hours have passed. (Therefore do note that someone else could pay in full before then).

Payment plan policy is $100 down then $50+/week OR (to accommodate different paycheck schedules) $100+/bi-weekly.

Please pay your down payment immediately upon receiving your invoice. Piece will not be put on hold until this down payment is made. You have 24 hours to make this down payment before I move on to the next time payment request in line.

An additional $10 will be added to the initial invoice for this time payment service. However, as a reward for good standing, this fee will be removed if the piece is paid off on time and not a moment later. No exceptions.


If your final payment is late, the $10 will not be removed and there is an additional $10 per week late fee on top of that.

To put your name on the list for a payment plan please email criley@artbycriley.com.  You MUST include the following information to qualify:

1) Paypal email or email you would like the invoice sent to:

2) Full name & Shipping address:

3) Payment plan type: $50+/Week or $100+/Bi-weekly?


Thanks again for supporting my work!



Reveler Artist Resin Model Horse Unboxing – Sarah Rose’s New ASB (American Saddlebred) Stablemate Mold

Feels so good to get a resin in the mail again! This was the last one I ordered before Breyerfest expenses started hitting and I had to cut myself off. This was back in December when I ordered so you can imagine my excitement! This is Sarah Rose’s New ASB Stablemate Resin, “Reveler”. I cannot WAIT to paint this guy! He is absolutely GORGEOUS! I’ll have a full 360° video of him at some point but for now, here is his unboxing and comparison to Mindy (her miniature Independence resin).

Enjoy! https://youtu.be/fkTV4_CutH8