Packing for Model Horse Showing : The Pony Lasagna Method!

I’ve been seeing this question asked a lot recently. Probably because it is finally Spring and model horse shows are now popping up more than ever!

“What’s the best way to pack my model horses for a model horse show?”

In this video, I will show you the method that has worked best for me. I’ve found it to be quick, easy, safe, space saving and inexpensive! It works for resin model horses, pewter miniatures, Breyer Horses, Peter Stone Horses, Resin Medallions, you name it!

How do you travel with your ponies? What works best for you?



Model Horse Customizing & Sculpting Horse Anatomy Reference Books

Here are just some of the books I use when I’m customizing breyers or artist resins or sculpting model horses to make sure I move things and sculpt things according to equine anatomy! Your horse doesn’t need to be perfect, but what is underneath should aways ‘work’!


Links to books:
Atlas of Anatomy x Elenberger:
Horse Anatomy Coloring Book:
Cyclopedia Anatomicae:
How Your Horse Moves:
Braiding Manes & Tails:

Using Bleach To Strip OF Original Finish Factory Paint — Does it Ruin the Breyer Model Horse?

I keep seeing a lot of people saying that no matter what, if you use bleach or acetone to strip a model, it will ruin the plastic forever. I personally have not found this to be the case and just wanted to post my findings on that with my experiment.

Do you have any other ways to strip factory paint? While not necessary for regular customizing, it can be if you want to utailize the plastic for a deco (like a florentine) so I’m always open to new ways to give it a go! The only other way I’ve seen is with a particular paint thinner that’s not easily available (and expensive!) in the US.

So please do chime in if you know of more ways! (Aside from sanding of course ;P)


Breyerfest 2018 Haul & Loot Video! Special Runs, Tent Specials, Deals & More!

Whoop whoop! It’s that time I just know y’all have been waiting for….the post Breyerfest loot videos! WOO!

It felt so good to be able to buy stuff again! The last thing I purchased was probably back in December! 0_o

To my defense, what I have here may look like a lot more than it actually cost me financially. I found some crazy deals and some friends gave me some gifts and I worked for some stuff in here too 😉

I’m just happy that all of my Breyerfest goals were achieved! How about you? Did you achieve your loot goals this year?


How to Clean A Flocked Breyer – The Adventures Of The Flocky Misty Antique Mall Find!

There aren’t many antique or thrift places that carry this sort of stuff near me. It’s very difficult to find any type of Breyer Horse or clinky let alone a rare one! Nope, had to travel to North Carolina and order an Iced Tea to spot this little cutie!

Let me explain…

On my way to the annual sculpture workshop held by Shelley Hunter in North Carolina, I stopped off at an antique mall. I was starving, they had a diner inside so it seemed the perfect thing to do to kill some time before I had to be there. As I ordered, I didn’t see any iced tea anywhere..only soda, so had to ask if they had it. They did, and the machine was a little further around the corner. So when I went over to get my tea, I spotted a cute little fuzzy pony that looked familiar. Thinking it was just one of those cheap flocky ‘made in china’ type things, I just picked it up to have a look. The weight alone told me this wasn’t any ol’ flocky. So I took to the interwebs! Thanks to wonderful hobby folks, I was able to discover that this was a rare Flocky Misty from the 1984 Sears Set! I was going to get her, regardless, but this just sealed the deal! I was super excited to get her home and give her a good cleaning….but how?!

I dabbled in My Little Pony customizing but never came across anything about cleaning a Breyer flocky. I wasn’t sure if it was the same type of flocking and it’s definitely a different type of plastic. So i took what tips I found from the MLP world and added a few methods of my own to hopefully get a nice clean Misty. Here’s what I did and it worked rather well! I was very nervous because I didn’t want to ruin such a special pony and I’ve heard horror stories of flocking coming off during washing which had me in a panic. But there was no way I was letting her stay as dirty as she was (who knows where she’s been in those 34 years!) so figured what the heck and bit the bullet and gave it a go.

– First, I found myself a SOFT little toothbrush (I used a travel toothbrush I got from a hotel on my Japan trip which worked perfectly). 

– I took two little bowls, one with some dish soap mixed with COLD water, another with some hydrogen peroxide.

– I dipped the toothbrush in the soap mix and lightly (and I mean LIGHTLY), scrubbed the pony including ‘brushing’ the mane and tail with it.

– Then did the same with the peroxide right over the soap/water mix. It will bubble even more.

– I let that sit for a moment then rinsed it clean with COLD water.

– I then took some hair conditioner and rubbed it into the mane and tail trying my best to brush out the tangles with the toothbrush. Then lightly went over the whole pony with a little contitioner and rinsed it clean in COLD water.

– Then I took a clean, dry white towel and patted (not rub!) her.  I set her outside in the light sunny breeze to dry.

– Now, I could have stopped there but I wanted to see if I can get her whites a little whiter and had the idea to try some whitening dog shampoo on her white areas and see where that led.

– The method was the same, mixed some of the dog shampoo (I used my favorite brand, Fresh N’ Clean Snowy White) with water and used the toothbrush to lightly scrub the whites, mane and tail. No peroxide this time. Then I again used the conditioner, patted her with a towel and let her sit outside to dry off. This time very gently (as to not lose or pull out any hair) taking a slicker brush to her mane and tail to get as much of the tangles out as possible.

– Finally, I let her sit in the sun for a day to maybe whiten up those whites. Every couple of hours I flipped her. I didn’t trust keeping her on her feet because it was a very breezy day out and with my luck I’d find her in the dirt lol!

And there you have it! All squeaky clean and ready to shine!

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with her or what her future holds. I feel like she needs a home where she can be appreciated as she should and even shown in hopes of a few ribbons in her future…but I’ve grown quite fond and attached to this little rescue since she was my very first find of this type and just how much fun the whole process was. I’d be happy to entertain offers but there’s no guarantees I’ll let her go unless it’s one I simply cannot refuse. 😉 I may take her to Breyerfest as well to see if anyone may want to give her a home, but won’t be too sad if she stays with me 🙂

Some progress photos:

How To Use A Breyerfest Special Run Ticket – How the Breyerfest Special Run Line Works

Here’s a question asked A LOT by first time Breyerfest goers. How do I use my Breyerfest Special Run Ticket? How does the Breyerfest Special Run Line Work? Hopefully this will help clear things up and give you an idea of what goes on when your time slot comes up, when numbers are called and how and where to line up… Also, what you should do right after you check out.


Purchase tickets to Breyerfest here! (Remember, the 3 Day Ticket is the only official method to receive a special run ticket. Single day tickets only receive a free stablemate but NOT a special run ticket).

Here is the official Breyerfest Q&A on the Special Run Line tickets I mention in the video. They will mention what to do if you are late or miss your time slot as well: